APC Smart-UPS 3U 3000i VA (SURTD3000RMXLI) [Ver.1.0]

  • Automatic internal bypass:
    Provides the connected loads with AC power if an overload or an error occurs at the UPS
  • Scalable up Time:
    Provides a quick extension of the transitional period with increasing capacity requirements
  • Intelligent battery management:
    An intelligent precision Slade system optimizes the performance, durability and reliability of batteries
  • At load swappable battery:
    Ensure an uninterrupted power supply to protect the systems during a battery replacement
  • Automatic reboot of connected loads after UPS shutdown:
    Runs the connected devices automatically on return of power
  • Charging the battery with temperature compensation:
    Extends battery life by regulating the charge voltage according to the actual battery temperature

Scope of delivery(Más info.)

- APC Smart-UPS 3U 3000i VA
- Smart-UPS Signalling RS-232-cable
- Rack-assembly-rails
- Software-CD
- User guide


Support(Más info.)

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