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Specialized Servers

Specialized hardware for your business

Here you can find all of the specialized servers offered by Thomas-Krenn. The systems in this category are not your normal rack servers or workstations, but have special features or properties that set them apart. Our custom solutions are tailored to your individual needs, regardless of what requirements you may have. If you are looking for special systems, you have come to the right place.

For example, you can find our two popular mini-systems here – the LES v2 and the Microserver. Both servers are extremely small and space-saving so that they can fit into any office concept. With these particular systems, not only is their size small, but so is their price. That makes them special.

Unique Applications

However, the price and size of the LES v2 are not the only special things about it. The mini-system stands out with its numerous application possibilities. Whether for mobile applications, use as a firewall, for Univention or as an SMS gateway, this server is up to the task with its unique feature set. With the intelligent configuration management in our online shop, you can customize your LES v2 to any application.

The Microserver MI106 is the perfect system for the workplace. The small server is characterized by its low-noise, elegant and space-saving design, which makes it particularly suitable for offices! Whether for agencies, photographers or law firms, everyone can benefit from the mini-tower.

Tailored to Your Needs

Also available in the “specialized servers” category: All twin and multi-node systems from Thomas-Krenn. These servers also impress with their space-saving designs and high performance densities. If you have a lack of space, but need high performance and flexibility, these systems are a good choice..

Do you have special requirements? We have a specialized server for that! You are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for at Thomas-Krenn – no matter what you are looking for.

Configure your ideal system now and benefit from our specialized servers!

Specific Server Solutions

These servers are optimized for use in specific areas. This ensures that your programs and applications will run optimally.

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