A new tool for new tests ...

... that is TKperf


From processor to memory, nearly every component of a PC is optimized for speed. Even hard drives have become much faster thanks to SSD technology. But how fast exactly? With TKperf from Thomas-Krenn, you can easily test this yourself.

TKperf is a tool to test the speed of hard drives and SSDs that was developed by Thomas-Krenn.AG. The tool simplifies the comparison of different HDDs or SSDs with each other. TKperf supplies detailed test reports that also provide comprehensive documentation of the test setup. We use the tool to test hard drives. For instance, we tested the Intel DC S3500 and S3700 series SSDs with TKperf. All test reports that we perform on products in the Thomas-Krenn portfolio are posted in the Thomas-Krenn wiki.

Under the hood, TKperf uses the Flexible IO Tester (Fio). The tests are configured and the graphics generated via a Python script.

You can find detailed installation instructions in our Thomas-Krenn wiki.