Why Thomas-Krenn? - Quality



The Server Experts

Other providers deliver standardized servers that, though cheap, are not an optimal fit for your needs. Cheap can become quite expensive over time. We will provide you with the solution that ideally fits your situation!


Tested Systems

We don’t rely on manufacturer specs – we prefer to test everything ourselves. This allows us to ensure that you receive only the best servers!



Your requirements are the basis for all of our consultations. We will only offer you solutions that fully meet your needs – no compromises!


Server Components

We test all of your server’s components. Why? This allows us to guarantee that your new system is completely functional and consumes as little electricity as possible.


Intelligent Configuration Management

Our user-friendly online shop ensures that you only choose parts that are compatible with your system. That's our commitment to quality!


Custom Builds

Are you having difficulty finding the right solution for your needs? If so, look no further than Thomas-Krenn. If we can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll develop a solution that meets your needs ourselves!


TÜV Certified

TÜV ISO 9001 certification verifies the transparency of our operational processes while confirming high customer satisfaction and a low error rate. That’s TK quality!


Made in Germany

Thomas-Krenn provides “Made in Germany” excellence: in data protection, IT security, service and quality. We supply the best products!