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Preventing data losses

Backup solutions are crucial for data protection in companies. One fateful moment and all information could be lost: power surges, corrupt databases, erroneous handling of sensitive devices – all of these instances can lead to a catastrophic data loss. For this reason, regular backups should be performed in order to protect important information against these issues. Recovering data once it has been lost can be very expensive and, in the worst cases, impossible – a major catastrophe with sensitive customer data and internal information lost forever.

Regular backups prevent these extreme cases. When done properly, the data on your server is backed up to an external location to protect it from such catastrophes. The backup copy helps restore lost information should something happen to the original data. Backups can prevent a corporate disaster and are also easy to implement – no IT expert is needed. There is therefore no reason for businesses to forgo such precautions and provide less than optimal protection for their important data. The only thing you need for a backup is: a high-performance drive and the correct software.

Thomas-Krenn.AG offers you both products for the optimal protection of your information. With high-performance backup drives and the appropriate software, you can easily create your own backup copies and thereby optimally protect your data from possible damage. Regularly scheduled backups are required for keeping your data up to date and avoiding the loss of important changes. You'll find backup software from Veeam or SEP here in addition to high-performance drives from Overland (formerly Tandberg). Speed, energy efficiency and high capacities are supplied by all of our offered technologies. Whether virtual or physical environments, Linux or Windows – we offer the right backup solutions for every application. Our backup software gives you even more features: Veeam is not just a program for creating backups in virtual environments, but combines this with recovery. SEP on the other hand is easy to use, enables parallel data streams and supports all operating systems. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, you'll find the right technologies here.

Get your backup solutions from Thomas-Krenn today and protect your important documents against unwanted data loss!