Desktop Virtualization

Different operating systems, old and new PCs, updates and more updates. The administrative requirements for maintaining IT infrastructure has become enormous. Keeping your IT current is not only time-consuming, but cost-intensive as well. Small and medium-sized enterprises are particularly challenged here, as they need to focus on their core business rather than manage their IT. Furthermore, maintenance for both older and newer server systems is often connected with a considerable budget that is unrealistic for some SMEs.

Desktop virtualization is a solid and permanent alternative to repeated purchases of new server systems. In terms of the budget, desktop virtualization provides great benefits right from the start and pays for itself within a minimal amount of time.

         Advantages of desktop virtualization at a glance

               _ Fully-equipped PCs no longer necessary
               _ Users work in their own, virtual system environment
               _ Host can be operated from a central site
               _ Resource optimization from shared use of hardware
               _ Cost savings from reduced administrative requirements

Desktop virtualization brings all of these benefits. The requirement for this is that at least 50 workstations be consolidated. For environments with less than 50 users, the cost savings are not as great. In such cases, desktop virtualization is generally not recommended.

You will find numerous virtualization possibilities in our shop. We would be happy to advise you on which virtualization solution is best for your applications.