Server Virtualization

Virtualization offers many benefits and is therefore used in nearly every company. Thanks to major cost savings stemming from consolidation, virtualization is particularly well-suited for medium-sized enterprises.
One way to implement virtualization is through server virtualization. Server virtualization is an especially smart choice for businesses that operate dozens or hundreds of servers. It lowers operational costs while also reducing the administration and maintenance requirements for existing servers.

        Advantages of server virtualization at a glance

               _ Number of physical servers reduced
               _ Costs saved for hardware
               _ Lower energy costs for operation and cooling
               _ Reduced administration requirements
               _ High scalability
               _ Increased reliability
               _ Management software simplifies IT infrastructure administration

Server virtualization offers many benefits and is almost always a cost-saving endeavor. The only exception is when the existing physical servers to be consolidated are operating at high utilization rates. The major benefit of server virtualization is the reduction of physical servers to improve utilization of the machines. When the servers to be consolidated are already running near their limits, this advantage disappears.

You will find numerous virtualization possibilities in our shop. We would be happy to advise you on which virtualization solution is best for your applications.