Virtualization Bundle [Ver.2.0]

The Thomas-Krenn Bundle offers you an ideal entry into virtualization, complete with a central storage system and disk backup. Along with the Thomas-Krenn servers, the NetApp E2700 storage system offers plenty of space for virtual machines which are saved to the backup server using Veeam. - All components are optimally combined - Redundant direct connection of up to 4 servers - Optional connection via SAS, FC, 1Gb iSCSI or 10GB iSCSI - VMware HA and VMotion minimize downtime - Please note that the Essential Plus Package includes high-availability options that only can be used with two or more servers. We recommend 3 servers!

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2 servers are required for the high-availability options from Essentials Plus! We recommend 3 servers for optimal use! Configure your desired server and then set the total on the Server Configurator to the desired quantity!

VMware & Veeam licenses

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Veeam Backup Server

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