Opportunities and Possibilities for Your IT Department

Virtualization offers many benefits and is therefore becoming increasingly popular for companies. Chief among these benefits are the considerable cost savings. The reduction in physical servers means lower energy costs and space requirements. Further advantages include hardware independence and the higher availability provided by features like live migration, storage migration and fault tolerance. Would you like to run virtualization at your company? All that you need is a suitable server, for instance a dual CPU system with more than 32 GB of RAM. You will also need to choose a virtualization manufacturer.

Your Customized Virtualization Solution

Depending on what company application you would like to virtualize, there are many possibilities for implementing virtualization. One possibility is server virtualization. This allows for the virtualization of the entire infrastructure of servers – from storage capacity to network components. As a result, one only needs a few physical servers, while all others operate virtually. Another possibility is desktop virtualization. Here, the user environment runs on a central infrastructure while leaving users unaffected. The major benefit of this approach: Fully-equipped client PCs are no longer necessary. Instead, energy-saving thin or zero clients can be used.

Virtualization Is a Smart Choice

As with all updates, virtualization requires an initial investment. Using practical examples, we want to show you what costs arise with virtualization. Even if the initial costs seem high at first glance, one should keep in mind that virtualization generally pays for itself within a few years thanks to the resulting savings in management and hardware independence. Here is a an example calculation.

In his article "When does virtualization make sense for SMEs?" (German), Florian Hettenbach, Business Development, gives a detailed explanation in answer to this important question.

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