Hot Fluid® Computing

Hot Fluid® Computing is an innovative concept that allows standard data center components to be liquid cooled – including server mainboards, PSUs and switches. The cooling of all components without any air bridges allows for significant energy savings as well as volume and weight savings. Hot Fluid® Computing results in fanless, compact systems and can be used with racks and stand-alone systems. Due to the high temperatures, heat recycling is also possible.



Why liquid cooling?

Liquid cooling is much more effective than air cooling – it lowers energy consumption and makes a more sensible use of exhaust heat possible.  More...


Our solution

Hot Fluid® Computing is a holistic, scalable and low-maintenance system for the complete liquid cooling for servers and data center components. More...



Whether at a “data center in a box” or a traditional data center, Hot Fluid® technology can be utilized nearly anywhere. More...


Funding opportunities

Many support programs help fund investments into energy efficiency and the utilization of exhaust heat – both of which apply to Hot Fluid® Computing. Here, we present a few of the most important programs. More...  

The advantages at a glance
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective: 90 percent of air conditioning costs are eliminated while flexible heat recycling options improve the CO2 balance and save enormous costs.
  • Scalable: In principle, Hot Fluid® can be used for systems of any size – from stand-alone systems to conventional data center racks.  
  • Holistic: From mainboard cooling to DC feed-in and heat recycling, Hot Fluid® offers a comprehensive solution for energy-efficient cooling and compact data center design.
  • Simple and practical: Robust, clever technology and direct heat transport make compression cooling, enclosures, cooling doors and co. superfluous. Works with standard systems and HPCs.

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Hot Fluid Computing
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