About SEP AG

About SEP AG

SEP AG is a manufacturer of backup and disaster recovery solutions that provide protection across platforms and in heterogeneous IT environments. The data backup solution SEP sesam is “Made in Germany” and can backup data from a broad spectrum of virtual environments, operating systems, applications and databases.

The reliable backup of all data, German quality and product standards, the flexible license model and an attractive price/performance ratio are just a few of the numerous arguments that have convinced many global organizations to trust the hybrid backup solution SEP sesam.

Administrators trust solutions “Made in Germany”

Every department – from management and development to quality assurance and customer support – is located south of Munich. In this era of eavesdropping scandals, this is a notable data security advantage –particularly for public institutions.

The SEP license models, whether purchased or rented, offer IT administrators maximum flexibility in arranging their IT infrastructure and every model includes 24/7 manufacturer support.

10 facts that speak for themselves!

  1. Support for all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS and Novell Netware
  2. Consistent backup and recovery of all databases and applications
  3. Minimal storage volumes for backup thanks to Si3 inline deduplication technology

 4. Multi-hypervisor support (VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, etc.)

 5. Effective Si3 replication of backed up data for distributed environments

 6. Disaster recovery for Windows and Linux systems even for dissimilar hardware

 7. Hardware and software independent

 8. 24/7 manufacturer support

 9. German dependability thanks to backup “Made in Germany”

10. Specializing in data backup solutions for over 20 years