Backup software
Backup software

The right application for maximum security

Regular backups are essential for securely archiving your data. To implement the data backups, you need one thing above all else: reliable backup software. With Veeam and SEP, you have two proven applications available for securely backing up your data. 

Veeam for virtual IT structures

Veeam Backup & Replication for VMware ESX/ESXi and Hyper-V is the ideal backup software for virtual environments. The application combines data backup and replication in a single product – allowing for lightning quick archiving and the restoration of VMs, virtual hard drives and file levels.

Along with Veeam Backup & Replication, we also offer Backup Essentials – a high-performance, affordable and user-friendly data backup solution for smaller companies with up to 6 CPU sockets. The software offers the same features as the Veeam Availability suite at a significantly lower price: 60 percent savings and more are possible.

In short: Backup software from Veeam pays off if you value accelerated backup processes and a simplified administration of your data backup storage in a virtualized IT environment. 

Unlimited data streams with SEP sesam backup software

SEP sesam backup software offers you a solution for every IT infrastructure – whether physical or virtual, VMware, Xen Server, Windows, Unix, Hyper-V or Linux, whether large corporate or small business. It makes extremely fast, simultaneous backups for large server landscapes and unlimited data streams possible, while the backup of individual objects is also not a problem. A scalable backup procedure allows for an automatic as well as target-oriented or manual backup of your data.

SEP sesam backup software helps you optimally use your financial and time resources, as it can be easily installed and configured. This means that you benefit from reduced training and administrative effort and can use your personnel for other projects.

Now you just need to choose a backup software. Start protecting your valuable data today with regular backups!