Thomas Krenn
Analysis & Rescue Stick





Administrators need various tools and programs for various purposes to optimally administer their servers. The Thomas Krenn Analysis & Rescue Stick provides our customers with the most important tools, allowing them to react quickly and easily in the event of a problem and perform various tests.

The stick provides the following features:

  • Partitioning HDDs (Gparted)
  • Installation of our TK Debian, which we install on each server before delivery
  • Virus scanner
  • Wipe hard drives
  • Configuration of the IPMI remote management and Intel RMM
  • Load tests for the server (“stress” tool)
  • Rescue partitions
  • Test memory (memtest)
  • FreeDos
  • Hard drive performance
  • Mainboard information
  • DD
  • Other tools

More information can be found in the Thomas-Krenn wiki >>



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