IBM DS3500 STORAGE [Ver.1.0]

  • Intelligent management in an intuitive, powerful storage management software
  • Energy efficient by new, energy-saving components (eg. 2.5" HDDs)
  • Ideal for data base and exchange
  • Supports up to 96 drives - also different drive types in one system
  • Inexpensive high speed SAS (6Gbit/s) for best performance and scalability


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License data




Please make sure that the server add-in cards match the right connectivity you selected. If you have any questions we can help you.

Cache Expansion


Hard Disks

Hard Disks SAS 3.5" (max. 12 pieces)(More info)


Hard Disks SAS 2.5" (max. 24 pcs.)(More info)



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Longer support duration on request!

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