More security for your data

Whether certified, revision-safe archiving with Silent Cubes or flexible, high-quality scalable storage with the Silent Brick systems, if you are looking for a secure alternative to traditional storage solutions, the systems from FAST LTA are the answer you’ve been waiting for. 

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Silent Cube Compact
Revision-safe long-term storage with up to 8 TB of net capacity 

starting at 6,990 
Silent Cube
Modular archive storage with up to 32 TB of net capacity

starting at 5,980 
Silent Brick Drive
Fast, local backups with up to 32 TB of net capacity – incl. licences and media

starting at 7,980 
Silent Brick Controller
Flexible, secure and scalable storage system with up to 80 TB of net capacity

starting at 14,380 
Silent Brick Extension Shelf
Expansion unit for Silent Brick Controllers, up to 14 Silent Bricks

starting at 5,390 


All prices are net and do not include the statutory VAT. They are directed exclusively to entrepreneurs (§ 14 BGB), legal entities subject to public law and special funds subject to public law.


Flexible backup storage with Silent Bricks 

FAST LTA Silent Bricks provide greater data security for your IT environment. The transportable storage units are incredibly versatile, with each Silent Brick containing twelve hard drives. Thanks to erasure coding, up to four hard drives can fail simultaneously without causing a loss of data. Silent Bricks are available online, offline and even off-site and are therefore optimal if you need your data to be available at any moment, but it rarely or never needs to be changed or accessed.

The Silent Brick Controller, which consists of one controller with five slots for Silent Bricks, combines the advantages of disks and tapes into a single system. With Extension Shelves, which have 14 slots each, you can flexibly expand the controller to your needs. The system is configurable as a SecureNAS or Virtual Tape Library (VTL), which enables further customization possibilities. 

Is the FAST LTA Silent Brick Controller too big for your more modest needs? The Silent Brick Drive provides two slots at a 1U size and allows replication to other Silent Brick Controller components should this be desired in the future. The technology is supplied as a complete package including licenses with a capacity of 16 to 32 TB of net storage.  

FAST LTA Silent Cubes for revision-safe and versatile archiving

Do you need to comply with statutory requirements regarding data backups? Are you looking for an extremely reliable, yet cost-effective solution? The Silent Cubes from FAST LTA meet these requirements and are equipped to secure your data with WORM technology. Deleting, overwriting or modifying the data backed up to the certified archive storage unit is impossible thanks to this feature, meaning that your stored data is permanently revision-safe. 

In standby mode, the individual long-term storage units consume only 2 watts of power – low energy and operational costs are a key advantage of the FAST LTA Silent Cubes. 12 hard drives from three manufacturers are used in the systems to ensure maximum security – even against batch errors. Additional storage units can be added to a Silent Cube system at any time, which provides incredible flexibility. You have the choice between the flexibly scalable Silent Cube system with a central head unit and the all-in-one Silent Cube Compact.

If you are looking for an energy- and cost-saving solution that provides security and versatility, you can’t go wrong with the Silent Cubes from FAST LTA. 

With the rise of encryption Trojans like Locky and co., reliable protection for personal data is becoming increasingly important. COLD storage from FAST LTA protects your information from ransomware and provides the greatest possible security. Further information can be found in this white paper.
About the manufacturer

FAST LTA AG is a specialist for hard drive-based storage products based in Munich. The company offers COLD (Cost Optimized Linear Disk) storage for users who need the highest data security. Thanks to patented technologies, FAST LTA solutions are extremely safe and inexpensive. Moreover, they are characterized by a low administrative burden.