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Virtualization at the push of a button    

The Intel Virtualization Manager (Bear River) is a virtualization solution that is optimally matched to the IMS and embedded in the management of the Modular. Starting with version 2 of the modular chassis, the solution is already integrated in the firmware and can be activated with a software key. By pressing a button the Virtualization Manager is available, which provides the following features: Virtualization of a compute module with only few clicks (1 license for 6 compute modules), simple management, including remote access, integrated live-migration, update the entire system with only one click, Overview of physical HDDs to create virtual HDDs to virtual machines. The hypervisor is built right into the CMM, allowing you to both the hardware and the virtual machines can be monitored and maintained centrally.


Advantages at a glance

  Product Presentation (video)
Virtualization Manager Demo
to virtualize a compute modules with only a few clicks
easy creation, maintenance of VM's
Live Migration per drag and drop
Update the entire system with only one click
a complete overview of the created physical HDDs on
virtual HDDs to Virtual Machines

The Intel Virtualization Manager is integrated with the latest firmware for the V2 chassis already. To enable this feature, you must purchase a license key, which is tied to the system serial number. You only need one key to virtualize the entire chassis. The key has a duration of 12 months. Within this period the following is available to you :

Firmware updates for chassis components
Management firmware updates
Server BIOS updates
IMS Interface Updates and Enhancements
Software updates and enhancements for virtualization

After the expiry of 12 months must be purchased Software Maintenance Key (available Q1 2012), which extends the support for the Virtualization Manager for another 2 years.

More about virtualization and Intel Modular Server can be found in the Thomas-Krenn.AG Wiki>>


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