StorMagic Virtual SAN

StorMagic Virtual SAN

Enjoy affordable, highly available storage with SvSAN

Even smaller companies and branches, such as those in retail or in the services industry, need their data and applications to be available around the clock and secured against outages. SvSAN from StorMagic is the perfect solution for such cases.  

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Geo-redundancy and simple, centralized administration

SvSAN from StorMagic offers storage virtualization and high availability at low costs and minimal administration requirements. It uses the hard drives and SSDs of the virtualization hosts to create a highly available, virtual SAN. Additional redundant storage arrays are not needed. Thanks to software defined storage, existing installations can be easily expanded with additional capacities while in operation. 

In contrast to VMware Virtual SAN or other products, SvSAN requires only two physical servers to create a high availability cluster. This lowers the investment and operational costs for the hardware by 50 percent. SvSAN works with either VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V. Costs can therefore be saved on the licensing of the Hypervisor software too. When using vSphere, hundreds of branch sites can be centrally managed with just a single instance of vCenter Server.

Even so-called georedundant backups are possible with the StorMagic Virtual Storage Appliance. This SvSAN configuration is a stretched cluster, with nodes located at various sites. This means the company's data is even protected in the case of fire or flooding. Particularly for smaller IT environments, an optimal storage solution is often too expensive and too difficult to implement.  

SvSAN – ideal for companies with multiple branch offices 

Managing this appliance is relatively simple – comprehensive knowledge is not required as it is with other cluster solutions. Our StorMagic-certified technicians will even install the software for you to further minimize the administrative burden of your new appliance. SvSAN seamlessly also integrates into your existing environment, which considerably reduces the complexity of the application.

In short: Companies with smaller IT infrastructures or several branch locations can benefit from this storage solution and its corresponding administrative and cost advantages compared to other solutions. It also enhances the availability of your systems and practically eliminates the possibility of outages to business-critical applications.

With our high-quality servers and personal consulting, no one provides better service than Thomas-Krenn. Tailor your optimal system to your specific needs and configure your StorMagic SvSAN Appliance today!