SEP sesam Backup Appliance

SEP Backup Appliance

More security for your data

The combination of the flexible backup software SEP sesam and high-quality Thomas-Krenn hardware guarantees security for your corporate data across various storage technologies. The platform-independent software supports all major operating systems and is ideal for protecting your important data. 

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SEP Backup Appliance
Backup server with SEP sesam Professional Edition
Up to: 1x Intel Xeon E5-2600v4 / E5-1600v4
CPU cores: 8
16x HDD(s)
8 TB (Gross)
2x 1Gbit/s LAN
6x FP/ FL add-on card(s)
red. NT

starting at 7,299 


All prices are net and do not include the statutory VAT. They are directed exclusively to entrepreneurs (§ 14 BGB), legal entities subject to public law and special funds subject to public law.


High-quality server hardware

SEP sesam is a platform-independent backup software that supports numerous operating systems. The regular creation of backups is essential for companies, as a loss of data can quickly have a negative impact on business. In such cases, the costs for recovering the data is the least of one’s worries. Often, one simply hopes that a recovery is possible. With our SEP Backup appliance, we provide a strong solution for securing your data.

When you purchase an SEP Backup appliance from Thomas-Krenn, you receive high-quality hardware with a 1 TB volume license for SEP sesam. Additional TBs can be easily added in our online shop. No installation is necessary, giving you a quick start on backing up your data. Thanks to SEP sesam Professional Edition, you have a simple solution for scalable backups.

Reliability with the SEP Backup appliance

Automatic and timed backups are possible in addition to manual backups. System restores are completely hardware independent with SEP sesam Bare Recovery. The convenient configuration of the backup software makes operation possible with very low training and administrative effort – further minimizing your costs. Benefit from our SEP Backup appliance offer today!

Thomas-Krenn – we stand for absolute quality and comprehensive know-how in servers. This is reflected in our SEP sesam Backup appliance. Your company's Hyper-Vs, applications, databases and files are given maximum protection thanks to the appliance's flexible backup and recovery options, which are compatible with all major operating systems. Rely on our proven service from trained experts.

Our SEP Backup appliance is a dependable backup, restore and disaster recovery solution for company-wide use – in any IT environment. This means your data is always secure!  

SEP sesam Backup appliance

German software and hardware manufacturers join forces to create a reliable and comprehensive backup solution! Lightning, fire or water damage in the server room – these are nightmares for IT administrators. About 140,000 hard drives abruptly stop functioning on a daily basis worldwide. The data loss totals multiple petabytes. Every minute that a company loses access to its important data is reflected will be reflected in the bottom line.

With the SEP sesam Backup appliance, we provide you with a fast, flexible and easy-to-use integrated solution for comprehensive data backups and recoveries in any IT infrastructure. This package contains a Thomas-Krenn server with SEP sesam Backup Server pre-installed, with either Linux or Windows as the operating system and an SEP sesam Professional Edition volume license. The Thomas-Krenn server can be equipped with up to 16 hard drives and has an integrated RAID system to optimally protect the backups from data losses.

SEP recommends using RAID 6 for backups to disk.



Top-quality backups – from SMEs to global players

SEP sesam Hybrid Backup is the ideal backup solution for heterogeneous IT infrastructures. It backs up a company’s or organization’s data reliably, regardless of its size, and supports all virtualization platforms, operating systems, databases and applications. The reliable backup of all corporate data, a comprehensive support matrix and an attractive price/performance ratio alongside of German quality and product standards are just a few of the arguments that have convinced many companies around the world to choose the hybrid backup solution from SEP sesam.

Your advantages at a glance!

1. Support for all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS and Novell Netware
2. Consistent backup and recovery of all databases and applications
3. Minimal storage volumes for backup thanks to Si3 inline deduplication technology
4. Multi-hypervisor support (VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, etc.)
5. Effective Si3 replication of backed up data for distributed environments
6. Disaster recovery for Windows and Linux systems even for dissimilar hardware
7. 24/7 manufacturer support

SEP sesam Backup Appliance licensing model and features – maximum flexibility for arranging your IT infrastructure


SEP sesam Professional Edition volume licenses

Simultaneous backups (streams):


Backup storage

1 TB front-side data volumes (unlimited expansion)

SEP sesam Backup Server operating systems

Linux & Windows

24/7 manufacturer support

SEP sesam Si3 Deduplication

_ Up to 90% savings on backup storage needs

√ (Linux & Windows)

SEP sesam Si3 Replication

_ Bandwidth-saving backup in distributed environments

Exchange Recovery Pro

_ Recover individual elements like e-mails via drag and drop

SharePoint Recovery Pro

_ Recover individual elements like blog entries via drag and drop

Disaster recovery

√ (Linux & Windows)

VMware Instant Recovery

VMware Single File Restore

Flexible VSS Management



Available agents



IMAP (Courier, Cyrus, Dovecot)


Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Exchange


Novell GroupWise






SEP sesam Professional Edition volume license – Here’s how front side data is counted

  •  Only the largest backup (generally the largest complete backup) in a backup order that is saved to an SEP backup medium is counted and tallied in the overall total of all backup orders.
  • The original (source) data volumes are used to calculate the volume, prior to any potential deduplication or compression.
SEP sesam Si3 Deduplication – Resource-saving inline deduplication against the increasing flow of data

Every administrator is familiar with the scenario: When reviewing the year's figures, data volumes show double-digit growth rates. Furthermore, companies are legally required to regularly and reliably backup their data. But in view of these growth rates, is that really feasible without a complex and completely new IT infrastructure? That is where SEP sesam Si3 Deduplication comes in.

The efficient Si3 inline deduplication with variable block lengths is a high-performance solution that runs parallel to the backup process. No staging area for intermediate storage is needed.

Deduplicated data consists of two elements: A pool of data blocks and a catalog that references the pool of data blocks. This catalog knows the original file names and has the references for their data blocks. If an identical file is backed up, an entry is made in the data catalog with the reference to the already saved blocks in the pool rather than saving additional data. The deduplication solution breaks down every file into data blocks. SEP sesam Si3 Deduplication is the basis for bandwidth-saving replication of data between various company sites or data centers.