Thomas-Krenn.AG launches prototype server cooling system with hot fluid computing
Significant energy savings by combining server cooling with building management


Freyung, Jan. 20 2016 – If the Internet was a country, it would rank sixth in worldwide energy consumption, according to a calculation by Greenpeace. Data centers account for a steadily rising share of global energy consumption. In Germany alone, servers and data centers consume as much electricity as 2.3 million average households.

Thomas-Krenn.AG, an independent German server manufacturer, will be presenting a prototype of “hot fluid computing” at Cebit 2016. Hot fluid computing is a new server cooling technique that promises to dramatically increase energy efficiency for systems ranging from single servers to complete data centers. The company won the nationwide public tender “Hot fluid computing – High-temperature liquid heat dissipation for data center server components” put out by DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; German Aerospace Center) and funded by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. At Cebit 2016, Thomas-Krenn.AG will showcase a prototype of the system at a shared pavilion with the Ministry and will offer detailed parameters on attainable energy savings.

Hot fluid computing cools server components directly where the heat is emitted. The liquid cooling system is also integrated with building management systems. In other words, the heat collected from the servers can be used to heat the building or its hot water. The approach reduces the need for additional cooling in the data center and often eliminates the need completely. Thus, hot fluid computing contributes to energy efficiency in two ways: by recycling waste heat from the servers within the building and eliminating/reducing the need for additional cooling. Since these server systems operate without any fans, they are also noiseless and less prone to failure. The cooling system can be implemented in data centers as well as in stand-alone systems in office environments.

Shared pavilion with German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Hall 6, Booth C38


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