Thomas-Krenn: IT security from Germany for Germany


IT has become an integral part of practically every business. Optimized business processes, lower costs and reduced time requirements are just a few of the benefits of good internal IT infrastructure. Protection against corporate espionage, hacking attacks, eavesdropping and the theft of sensitive data are further advantages.

We at Thomas-Krenn know how important the protection of your IT environment is. That is why we are involved in various data protection cooperations and offer our customers diverse options for making their own IT infrastructure even more secure. 


_ Alliance for Cyber Security: Thomas-Krenn is an official partner of the Alliance for Cyber Security in Germany – a group that connects all of the important players in this field. The Federal Ministry for Security in IT thereby attests to our company's commitment to combating cyber threats and promoting secure IT. You can’t have a better IT security recommendation than that.


_ Charter for Digital Networking: To actively shape digital networking, we have signed the Charter for Digital Networking. We represent their principles both inwardly and externally – also in view of how personal data is handled. In our view, data protection law is a key pillar for a modern, digital society. In our online shop, you can therefore be sure that your personal data will be handled responsibly.

_ Data protection standards: As a German company we must abide by the strict German data protection guidelines – and we are more than happy to do so. An external data protection officer helps us ensure that your private information is handled correctly and provides further security for your data.

_ Security for Thomas-Krenn customers: Because we know how important data security is to our customers, we place a high value on this topic throughout our portfolio. For instance, we work closely with partners that are on the leading edge of IT security. One example is our cooperation with Reddoxx, a manufacturer of secure e-mail management solutions, while another is our cooperation with the Online USV, a supplier of high-quality UPS systems.