Service made in Germany

made by Thomas-Krenn

We stand for
personal consultation.


We won't hunt you down via some call center. So, if during a support call you expect the First-Level Technician from Delhi, located in Vancouver,  to provide amusing evening activity recommendations, sadly we must disappoint you.

We don't have customers,
we have partners.


When two parties, not only know what they are talking about, but also have fun, then it's not as if they were customer and seller.  Professionals talk to each other. Should doing so lead to a business relationship, naturally we would not object.

We stand for
individual server solutions.


Do you know the feeling, when you have configured a server step-by-step specifically to your needs and then later realized that your particular installation depth is not available? Yes? Pity, we don't.

We don't offer anything,
that we haven't tested ourselves.


To ensure that our systems run smoothly without any problems within their server infrastructure, in addition to various technical features, we have developed a special hardware testing device:
We call it the "Thomas-Krenn Technician".

We stand for reliability.


We appreciate all customer feedback. It's feedback such as this that we don't understand. "It is always impressive to see just how reliable the statements of Thomas-Krenn employees are."
Of course, our statements are reliable.
"Unreliable statements," what's the point?

For over 10 years we have stuck to these quality standards  - and it can also be see in our products.


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