energy efficiency
Energy efficiency

Success can be so simple:

At Thomas-Krenn our motto is: Preserve the environment and conserve resources through energy-efficiency. We operate on this principle while our products make your company more efficient and environmentally friendly too!


Environmental preservation starts at home. That is why we incorporated the compact energy-saving device IT-Case when expanding our company offices and server room in 2012. With the help of a set temperature value, our server room is supplied with sufficient cooled air and kept at the desired temperature. The resulting exhaust heat can be used to keep our production halls warm during winter.

This system is recommended to SMEs that want to take a long-term approach to energy efficiency. If you are interested and want to learn more about cooling for data centers or server rooms, please get in touch with us or see the intelligent cooling system first-hand with a visit to our headquarters in Freyung.

Hot Fluid

Hot Fluid computing is a further contribution of Thomas-Krenn.AG towards energy-efficient IT environments. Conventional data center cooling systems require lots of energy. We decided to develop something new: A system that uses direct liquid cooling and produces less heat. Not only that, the heat that is produced can be recycled.

Products in our portfolio

Since we know how important energy efficiency is to our customers, we offer a broad variety of possibilities in our online shop. 

With our energy cost calculator, you can easily find the most energy-efficient server for your requirements. Compare various systems and find out how much energy the various servers consume.  Many of our server systems also have power-saving 80 PLUS power supplies. You can view these under the “Power supplies” section when configuring your system.  Our Low Energy Server is a compact, energy efficient server that can be used in nearly any environment thanks to its fanless, streamlined design.

You can learn more about energy efficiency in IT via our webinars. The topic has also been covered in some of our webcasts.