Thomas Krenn raffles

The Thomas-Krenn.Inc. offers raffles on The participation in the raffles and its performance is in accordance with the following terms.


§ 1 Raffle

(1) The raffles are performed of the Thomas-Krenn.Inc.

(2) A participant takes part in the raffle by purchaseing a ticket in the course of his order. For the checking of the deadline is used the electronically recorded receipt of his order.

(3) The raffle ends on the 31.12.2009 at 24:00 o'clock.


§ 2 Participants

(1) Eligible are persons from the age of 18.

(2) For participating at the raffle it is absolutely required that all the personal data meet the truth.


§ 3 Exclusion from the raffle 

(1) Staff of the Thomas-Krenn.Inc. and its relatives are excluded of the participation.

(2) At a breach against this conditions of participation the Thomas-Krenn.Inc. reserves the right to exclude persons of the raffle. 

(3) Excluded are also persons that use impermissible aids or that obtain advantages by manipulation. If necessary in this cases it is possible to deny or to reclaim winnings also subsequently.


§ 4 Performance and handling

(1) The performance of the raffle and the selection of the prizes is incumbent on the Thomas-Krenn.Inc.

(2) The terms of delivery to the delivery of the winnings are defined of the Thomas-Krenn.Inc. Is a hanover of the winning not or only under not reasonable conditions possible, the winners get a equivalent compensation of the winning.

(3) The winners will be informed in written form of the Thomas-Krenn.Inc. and will be pbulished with names on The winner expressly agrees with this form of publishing. The Thomas-Krenn.Inc. has the right to transmit the data of the winner to the organizer to enable so a delivery of the prize.

(4) It is only one prize per participant possible.

(5) A cash payment of the winnings is not possible. Prizes are not transferable to other persons.

(6) Complaints should be addressed to the Thomas-Krenn Inc. in written form within 14 days after knowing the reasons under information of the raffle. Telephonically notified or delayed complaints can not be edited.


§ 5 Premature termination of the raffle

(1) The Thomas-Krenn.Inc. reserves the right to cancel of to end the raffle at any time without advance notice. The Thomas-Krenn.Inc. in particular makes use of this possibility if a performance of the play can not be assured because of technical reasons (e.g. virus in the system of the computer, manipulation or failings in the hard  and/or software) or because of legal reasons. If such a termination has been caused with the behaviour of a participant, the Thomas-Krenn.Inc. has the right to demand compensation of this person.


§ 6 Data protection

(1) To participate at the raffle it is necessary to be registrated as a customer. A claim for the registration does not exist. By registration the participant expressly agrees that the Thomas-Krenn.Inc. saves the therefore necessary data for the time of the raffle and und the time past the raffle. Tha participmant has the right to remove the agreement  in the storage per revocation at any time and thus withdraws of the participation.

(2) With regard to the registrated data of the participants the Thomas-Krenn.Inc. commits to comply with the data protection and media terms. Particularly the data will be treated confidentially.


§ 7 Liability

(1) The prize is a permission to redeem the prize at the particular provider of the performance (for example parachute jump). The Thomas-Krenn.Inc. is free of all the obligations after admission of the permission. A cash payment is not possible.

(2) A contractual relationship in performance of the prize occures only with the provider of the performance. The Thomas-Krenn.Inc. is not the provider of these performances.

(3) Claims which refer to the received prizes should immediately be addressed to the organizer which surrender the prizes.

(4) The publication of the winners is supplied without liability.


§ 8 Other

(1) The decision of the judges is final.

(2) This conditions of participation and the whole legal relationship betwenn the participants and the Thomas-Krenn.Inc. be only subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(3) If several terms of the conditions of participation are not applicable the validity of the other conditions of participation remain unaffected.

(4) This conditions of participations can be changet at any time of the Thomas-Krenn.Inc. without particular notification.