Supermicro X9SCA-F Motherboard

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This article will provide details on the Supermicro X9SCA-F Motherboard.

Motherboard Data

Supermicro X9SCA-F Motherboard


  • Motherboard form factor: ATX, 12" x 9.6", (30.48cm x 24.4 cm)
  • CPU socket: 1155-pin
  • RAM:
    • Number of DIMM slots: 4
    • Memory type: 1333/1066/800MHz ECC DDR3 SDRAM, 72-bit, 240-pin DIMMs, dual-channel.
    • Possible sizes of Memory Modules: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
    • Maximum Memory Capacity: 32 GiB (ECC Unbuffered memory (UDIMM))
  • SATA chip: Intel C204 / C206 PCH
    • Intel or LSI Raid stack can be used
    • 4x SATA2 (3Gbps) supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
    • 2x SATA3 (6Gbps) supports RAID 0, 1
  • Expansion slots:
    • 3x PCI 32-bit (33MHz) Slots
    • 2x PCI-E 2.0 (x4 in x8) Slots
    • 1x PCI-E 2.0 (x16) Slot
  • Graphics chip: Matrox® G200eW
    • VGA Memory: 16MB
    • Graphic interfaces:
      • 1x VGA Port
  • IPMI chip: Nuvoton WPCM450R IPMI Chip with ATEN-Software

Hardware Revisions

  • Version 1.01


BIOS Versions

Recommendation: After a BIOS update load the default settings of the BIOS, and adjust the configuration as suggested below at BIOS Configuration.

  • Version 2.0a
    • Signed off for general usage by our QA department: 22.06.2012
    • Support of the new E3-1200v2 (Ivy Bridge) CPUs.

IMPORTANT: Motherboards with a BIOS version of 2.X must not be flashed with a 1.X BIOS version. After such a downgrade, the motherboard will not boot up again.

  • Version 1.1a
    • Signed off for general usage by our QA department: 05.04.2012
  • Version 1.0b (BIOS Date 04/27/2011)
    • With this BIOS version, the BIOS can be entered only after the second POST (after the initialization of all components) by pressing the 'Del' button of the keyboard.
    • To configure the IPMI successfully, all 12 digits of the IP must be entered. (eg. IP:, netmask:

BIOS Settings

At Thomas Krenn, after loading the default settings the following BIOS configuration adjustments are applied before a server with this motherboard gets its test installation and gets shipped:

Advanced          > Boot Feature                    > Quiet Boot                    > Disable
                  > PCIe/PCI/PnP Configuration      > Load Onboard LAN1 Option ROM  > Enabled
                                                    > Load Onbaord LAN2 Option ROM  > Enabled
                  > Hardware Health Configuration   > Fan Speed Control Mode        > Standard

Depending on the server configuration, the following boot options will be configured:

Boot              > Boot Options Priority           > Floppy
                                                    > CD/DVD
                                                    > Festplatte
                                                    > Netzwerk


IPMI Versions

  • Version 1.67 (IPMI Firmware 1.67 Release Notes)
    • Signed off for general usage by our QA department: 22.06.2012.
    • When you update to this firmware, uncheck the check box Preserve Configuration - (Unckecking this option will restore the factory default setting of BMC) as otherwise wrong sensor values may be displayed in the web interface. The IPMI configuration will be set back to factory defaults. The IPMI IP and all other configuration options must be entered again.
  • Version 1.30 (IPMI Firmware 1.30 Release Notes)

Software Tools

  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology
  • Supero Doctor
  • IPMI View

Servers with Supermicro X9SCA-F