VDS Basic Provider Error Message 490@01010004 in Windows

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The system log in Windows will display the unexpected error code 490@01010004 and the error source VDS Basic Provider. According to Microsoft this error message can be ignored.[1]

Error Message

Windows Error message with error code 490@01010004.
Protocol Name: System
Source: VDS Basic Provider
Date: 14.01.2011 08:40:15
Results-ID: 1
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: Not applicable
Computer: System1.Server1.loc
Unexpected Error. Error Code: 490@01010004

Possible Causes

Clear information for possible causes are not available. According to various forum reports, this error message occurs in conjunction with tools, which provide virtual disks via the Virtual Disk Services[2] (eg. DEAMON TOOLS).[3]

When using such tools, some users also report that this error message occurs when the Computer Management opens.[4]


At this point, no further known steps are necessary. According to Microsoft the error message can be ignored.[1]


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