Using Western Digital WD2002FYPS 2TB HDDs with RAID Controllers

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Some special configuration steps are necessary for stable operation for the use of 2 TB Western Digital WD2002FYPS Hard Drives on SAS/SATA RAID.


On WD2002FYPS hard drives with 04.05G04 firmware Time Outs can occur in some configurations. With the 04.05G05 firmware Western Digital has made several improvements to the (original extract from Western Digital):[1]

  • Command Completion Time Outs:
    • The RE4 GP drives would intermittently spin down while exiting from the lowest idle power mode (heads park in the ramp automatically) due to a false RPM speed fault.
    • Improved error handling of a very specific type of servo defect to eliminate multiple missed revolutions during the operation of write commands.
  • Warm Boot Drop-Offs: The drive can drop off line intermittently after a warm boot (RAID initiated reboot following a RAID build).
  • Performance: Optimized sequential write performance to eliminate pauses during data transfers.



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