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Web sites that accept contributions from the public, like this wiki, are often abused by spammers who use automated tools to add their links to many sites.

Therefore, when creating a Thomas-Krenn-Wiki account, you will be asked to answer a question! Please contact the site administrators for assistance if this is unexpectedly preventing you from making legitimate contributions.

Moreover the following help text supports you finding the correct answers:

  • Servers – Made in Germany!

All of Thomas-Krenn's servers are manufactured in Germany – by German employees. Whether rack or tower server, Intel or AMD CPUs, we assemble our servers in Freyung located in south Bavaria.

  • 24-hour Express Delivery – Anywhere in Europe!

Companies understand that time is money and this is particularly true when it comes to procuring new hardware. Thomas-Krenn is the only company that can deliver your server order within 24 hours – anywhere in Europe!

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