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With CacheCade, LSI is offering a quick SSD read/write cache for RAID volumes. The functional approach is similar to Adaptec's maxCache technology. Detailed information about the configuration of a CacheCade volume can be found once more in the Configuring the LSI MegaRAID CacheCade.

Functional Approach

Functional approach to CacheCade (source: [1]
  • One or more SSDs will be connected to the RAID controller in addition to the normal hard disks, when using CacheCade.
  • Thereby, the conventional hard disks operate completely normally in the RAID array (such as, four hard disks in a RAID 5 array).
  • Data that is often read from the RAID array is automatically stored on the SSDs ("working data set").
  • Data areas that are often read can therefore be read directly from the SSD, which improves read performance.
  • The CacheCade content will remain on the SSDs even during a re-boot.


CacheCade 1.1

Initial version of CacheCade

CacheCade Pro 2.0

This is the current version of CacheCade. It also uses the SSDs for writing operations and offers improved read cache performance[1][2]

RAID Controllers and CacheCade


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