Measuring Performance under Windows with Perfmon

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This article will describe how to measure performance under Windows using the Perfmon utility.

Specifically, this article will be about I/O performance. Using Perfmon, all of the system components can in fact be analyzed.

Perfmon is included with Windows by default.

The objective is to measure the I/O load on the data media on the system for a corresponding interval, in order to size the target system properly.


  • Start Perfmon using the Run menu option. perfmon.exe

The gallery will show the steps after that as images.

Choose from the following counters:

  • Bytes read/s (all instances)
  • Bytes written/s (all instances)
  • Idle time (%) (all instances)
  • Average bytes / read (all instances)
  • Average bytes / write (all instances)
  • Average seconds / read (all instances)
  • Average seconds / write (all instances)
  • Disk reads / second (all instances)
  • Disk writes / second (all instances)

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