Management of an Intel Onboard Raid Controller under Windows

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You can manage the Intel OnBoard RAID controller with the Intel Rapid Storage Manager (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) under Windows. We have tested version with the ICH9R and ICH10R controllers.


You can find the download here:

After downloading it, execute the Setup program and follow the installation instructions. The Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed to do so.

Speical Characteristics

In contrast to the controller BIOS, you can create a hot spare hard disk with the Intel Rapid Storage Manager.


After starting the manager, you will see the current status of your RAID setup in the overview.

Intel onboard controller storagemanager uebersicht.png

The user interface has been designed to be intuitive. Your volumes and hard disk will appear on the right. By clicking on the volume, you can open volume management.

Intel onboard controller storagemanager volume verwalten.png

The same also applies for the hard disks displayed.

Intel onboard controller storagemanager festplatten verwalten.png

Adding a Hot Spare Hard Disk

Select a free hard disk from the overview. Click on "Mark as spare" on the left side of the window.

Intel onboard controller storagemanager hotspare.png

Please not the following: When a hard disk fails and the rebuild process starts, you will see the failed disk with an exclamation point.

This hard disk will first disappear after the rebuild process has been completed.

Intel onboard controller storagemanager rebuild.png

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