LSI HBA Firmware Downgrade

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This article explains how to downgrage the firmware and the Bios into a DOS environment using an LSI HBA.

In the following example, an LSI 9211 8i is used with the firmware The firmware will be downgraded to

The DOS environment should already be provided via a bootable USB stick.

IMPORTANT: The server can not be restarted during the process!


Step 1: The appropriate package must be downloaded from the LSI download page and unpacked.

The most important information data is:

  • sas2flsh - The actual flash tool
  • mptsas2.rom - The BIOS Image
  • 2118IT.BIN / 2118IR.BIN - The firmware, first as an Initiator Target then as an Integrated Raid version


After the server has booted in the DOS environment the old firmware is deleted:

sas2flsh -o -e 6

Now the new firmware can be loaded:

sas2flsh -o -f 2118IT.BIN

And last, but not least, the BIOS:

sas2flsh -o -b mptsas2.rom

Now the server can be restarted and the corresponding firmware version should appear.

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