Intel S5520UR Motherboard

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This article will provide details on the Intel S5520UR Motherboard.

Motherboard Data

Intel S5520UR Motherboard


  • Motherboard form factor: SSI TEB 2.1 12" x 13" (305mm x 330mm)
  • CPU socket: 1366-pin
  • RAM:
    • Number of DIMM slots: 12
    • Memory type: 800/1066/1333 MHz, Registered or Unbuffered
    • Possible sizes of Memory Modules:
    • Maximum Memory Capacity: 192 GB
  • SATA chip: Intel ICH10R 3Gbps Controller.
    • 6x SATA Ports.
    • RAID 0,1,10, optional RAID 5.
    • These ports cannot be used in the SR1625 and SR2625 Server chassis of Thomas Krenn.
  • SAS chip: There is no SAS chip located on the motherboard itself. This chip (LSI SAS 1078) is located on an active midplane, that Thomas Krenn is using for the SR1625 and SR2625 servers:
    • Only available with active midplane (connected with the motherboard by a "Bridge Board Connector")
    • 8x SAS/SATA Ports.
    • Software-RAID: RAID 0, 1, 10
    • Hardware-RAID (optional): can be used when a "RAID Activation Key" and additional RAM-module for the RAID cache (512MB) is installed. The controller acts then as a LSI Hardware RAID controller and supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 6, 50 and 60. The BIOS is the same as for a LSI RAID controller.
  • Remote Management: RMM3 (optional).
  • Expansion slots:
    • depends on riser card (1U or 2U)
  • Graphics chip:
  • IPMI chip: IPMI Chip onboard

Hardware Revisions

  • Version E22554-604

Interactive tour of this motherboard:


BIOS Versions

Recommendation: After a BIOS update load the default settings of the BIOS, and adjust the configuration as suggested below at BIOS Configuration.

The BIOS can be updated via the EFI shell.

  • Version 57_56_26_112
    • Signed off for general usage by our QA department: 01.07.2011.
    • System BIOS - v57, BMC Firmware - v56, FRUSDR Utility - v26, Management Engine (ME) - 112.
  • Version 55_55_25_112
    • Signed off for general usage by our QA department: 02.02.2011.
    • System BIOS - v55, BMC Firmware - v55, FRUSDR Utility - v25, Management Engine (ME) - 112.
  • Version 54_54_24_112
    • Signed off for general usage by our QA department: 26.11.2010.
    • System BIOS - v54, BMC Firmware - v54, FRUSDR Utility - v24, Management Engine (ME)- v112.
  • Version 50_53_24_112
    • Signed off for general usage by our QA department: 24.06.10.
    • System BIOS - v0050, BMC Firmware - v53, FRUSDR Utility - v24, Management Engine (ME) - v112.
  • Version 48_49_22_112
    • Signed off for general usage by our QA department: 14.04.2010.
    • System BIOS - v0048, BMC Firmware - v49, FRUSDR Utility - v22, Management Engine (ME) - v112.
    • Support of Intel Xeon 5600 "Westmere" CPUs.
  • Version 38_40_16_111
    • Signed off for general usage by our QA department: 21.09.2009.
    • System BIOS - v0038, BMC Firmware - v40, FRUSDR Utility - v16, Management Engine (ME) - v111.

BIOS Settings

At Thomas Krenn, after loading the default settings the following BIOS configuration adjustments are applied before a server with this motherboard gets its test installation and gets shipped:

Advanced  >  PCI-Configuration  >  PCIe AER Support  >  Disabled


IPMI Versions

  • The IPMI BMC supports IPMI 2.0 an is located on the motherboard.
  • For additional remote management features, an RMM3 module can be installed. RMM3 supports:
    • KVM over IP.
    • "Virtual Media Redirection" support.
    • Additional dedicated NIC for remote management.
    • Management via a webinterface.

RMM3 versions

  • Version 55
  • Version 54
  • Version 53
  • Version 49
  • Version 40

Servers with Intel S5520UR


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