Intel DH55TC Desktop Motherboard

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In this article you will find detailed information about the Intel DH55TC Desktop Motherboard.

Motherboard Data

Intel DH55TC Motherboard


  • Motherboard form factor: MicroATX
  • CPU socket: 1156-pin
  • RAM:
    • Number of DIMM slots: 4
    • Memory type: 1333/1066MHz DDR3 240-pin DIMMs
    • Possible sizes of Memory Modules: 1GiB, 2GiB, 4GiB
    • Maximum Memory Capacity: 16 GiB
  • SATA chip: Intel H55 Express
    • 6x SATA 3.0 Gb/s Ports (two ports which are compatible with eSATA)
    • no RAID available
  • Expansion slots:
    • 1x PCI Express 2.0 x16
    • 2x PCI Express 2.0 x1
    • PCI 32-Bit
  • CPU: The Motherboard requires a CPU with "Intel HD Graphics" and supports output to a file. A CPU does not support this, a graphics card is required.
    • CPUs with Clarkdale Kern support "Intel HD Graphics" and do not require a graphics card:
      • i3-5xx
      • i5-650 - i5-680
      • Pentium G6950
    • CPUs with Lynnfield Kern do not support "Intel HD Graphics" and therefore require a graphics card:
      • i7-87x
      • i5-7xx
    • We have only tested our own CPUs in the configurator of each PC. By following this link Compatibility List from Intel you will find more CPUs that are released for this Motherboard from Intel.
  • Graphics chip: Intel® Flexible Display Interface (FDI)
    • Graphic interfaces:
      • 1x HDMI (1.3a)
      • 1x DVI-D
      • 1x VGA
      • Note: The graphic interface can be used only with processors that have an integrated graphics chip.
  • IPMI chip: No IPMI chip.

Hardware Revisions

The revision number (AA-Number) of Intel DH55TC Motherboards can be found on a small label, near the USB and LAN ports.

  • Revision E70932-302


BIOS Versions

Recommendation: After a BIOS update load the default settings of the BIOS, and adjust the configuration as suggested below at BIOS Configuration.

  • Version 0045
    • The quality assurance update version release date: 5/10/2011
    • TK-Boot-Logo was integrated into the BIOS.
    • Release Notes
  • Version 0044
    • The quality assurance update version release date: 2/1/2011
    • Release Notes
  • Version 0040
    • The quality assurance update version release date: 11/26/2010
    • Release Notes
  • Version 0036

BIOS Settings

At Thomas Krenn, after loading the default settings the following BIOS configuration adjustments are applied before a server with this motherboard gets its test installation and gets shipped:

  • On the Intel DH55TC Motherboard no BIOS settings were changed.


IPMI Versions

  • The Intel DH55TC Desktop Motherboard can not be managed by IPMI.

Software Tools

  • Intel Desktop Utilities: With this software, the Motherboard can be monitored. The available sensors are displayed graphically.
  • Express BIOS Update Tool: With this tool (Ex. name in Version 0044 "BIOS-Update [TCIBX10H.​86A]") the update can be started directly in Windows.

PCs with Intel DH55TC

This Motherboard was sold off and is no longer available in the Thomas-Krenn shop. It was replaced by the Intel DH67GD Desktop Motherboard.


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