Hard Disk Formatting/Partitioning and Mounting in Debian Linux

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In this article, you will find information about how you can partition, format and mount hard disks.

  • You must partition your hard disk as the first step. This works using the command
  • Thereby you have to select the unpartitioned area, partition size and type of partition. You will see the partition with a label (such as: sda3).
  • Afterwards you must confirm with this with write.
  • You will then have to restart as the next step.
  • After that, you must create the file system, such as -->
mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda3

(Please note that this command is only valid for EXT3. If you need NTFS for example, please use mkfs.ntfs.)

  • The disk will be mounted using the following commands:
mkdir /media/sda3
mount /dev/sda3 /media/sda3
  • So that the hard disk will automatically be re-mounted after the next re-start, the following line must be added to the /etc/fstab file:
/dev/sda3     /media/sda3     ext3    rw              0       0

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