FreeIPMI query to Supermicro Systems fails via LAN channel

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A failed FreeIPMI query to a Supermicro Server via the LAN channel can have different causes. This article will show solutions how to fix such a situation.


Check the configured IPMI usernames and passwords
Trying to query IPMI sensors via the network using FreeIPMI fails. Using FreeIPMI locally on the server is working, although.


Check network configuration

  • Check your IPMI network configuration.
  • Execute a ping to your configured IPMI IP.

Check IPMI username and password

  • Check the configured IPMI usernames and passwords.

Solution when having wrong I2C addresses in the IPMI dataflow

The following screenshots show further details of the network analysis:

Possible solutions

  • In this case, the problem was solved by uploading the IPMI firmware again via the IPMI web interface (while keeping the checkbox Preserve Configuration activated). Doing a Unit Reset via the web interface did not solve the issue.
  • Update 2012-11-26: As of FreeIPMI version 1.2.3, the workaround option nochecksumcheck can be used together with the option noauthcodecheck to bypass this problem (-W noauthcodecheck,nochecksumcheck). When using the IPMI Sensor Monitoring Plugin, you can pass this option as a parameter to the plugin (-O "-W noauthcodecheck,nochecksumcheck") or you set the option the FreeIPMI configuration file.

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