Determine Server Heat Loss for Air Conditioning

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For determining the proper requirements for air conditioning systems for a server room, it is important to know the heat loss of the individual devices. For this, the heat loss (power dissipation) is specified in British Thermal Units per hour (BTU/h).

Calculating BTU/h

To calculate the heat loss based on the power consumption (in watts), multiplying the power consumption in watts by 3.41 will suffice.

  • Example:
Idle operation: 228 watts 
Operation under load: 388 watts
  • BTU/h for idle operation:
228 Watt * 3.41 =  777.48 BTU/h
  • BTU/h for operation under load:
388 Watt * 3.41 =  1323.08 BTU/h
  • The real heat loss will lie somewhere between these two values depending on the load placed on the server.

Additional Information

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