Creating and managing a Group Policy on a Windows 2012 Server

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In this article you will see and example of Group Policy and how it can help you with permission of managing multiple users simultaneously.

Installation and Configuration of Windows Server 2012 Domain

If you are installing a 2012 Windows Server and have problems in setting up and configuring the Windows Server Active Directory Domain Services, please see the following linked article, which explains the steps accurately.

Configuring Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2012 and connecting clients with it

Creating and Managing a Group Policy

By using the Group Policy Management you can assign the various organizational units different group policies.

Using this simple example you can see how the group policy is created and managed.

In this example a folder named "Technical Support" is created in the organizational unit "Technical Support" automatically at the time of login.

The following set of screen shots will display the individual steps that need to be taken:

As soon as you login with the created user to the appropriate Organizational Unit, the corresponding folder is created on the desktop.

Author: Armin Oberneder

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