Creating an onboard Intel RAID

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This article shows you how to create an Intel onboard RAID. No external hardware is required for an Intel onboard RAID controller. The disks must however, be plugged in to the motherboard. This can be done directly via SATA or mini-SAS cables.

The administration of the Intel onboard RAID is also possible with Windows. This is described in the article titled Management of an Intel Onboard Raid Controller under Windows.

When starting a server with Intel onboard RAID, support can be reached by using the following keyboard combination in the interface to configure the RAID: Ctrl.+I

Creating RAID

  1. Select item 1. Create RAID Volume from the Interface:
    Intel Onboard RAID Startscreen.png
  2. Now fill in the form's fields with the requested information:
    With two hard drives it is not necessary to fill in field "Disks: Select Disks".
    Intel Onboard RAID Create.png
  3. Creating the RAID will delete all data on the hard drives:
    Intel Onboard RAID Datalost.png

Deleting RAID

  1. Select item2. Delete RAID Volume from the Interface:
    Intel Onboard RAID Delete Start.png
  2. In the next window you can choose to delete the RAID:
    Intel Onboard RAID Delete.png
  3. All data on the hard drives will be erased:
    Intel Onboard RAID Delete Datalost.png

Reset Disk

  1. Select item 3. Reset Disks to Non-RAID from the Interface.

This has will have the same effect as Delete RAID Volume.


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