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With the Thomas Krenn Call-Home-Service a notification is automatically sent from your network monitoring system to the support team at Thomas Krenn regarding your hardware problems. After the hardware problem has been received by our support team, they will contact you immediately (Mon-Fri 7am - 10.30pm) to arrange a time to replace the faulty component. The days in which failed fans or power supplies going, for long periods of time, unnoticed and then later ultimately leading to the failure of your entire system are over!

Your privacy is important to us. Only the data which is necessary to fix a hardware problem will be transmitted to Thomas Krenn. For more details see the Call-Home-Service Privacy Policy.


Thomas Krenn Call-Home-Support is available starting July 23, 2013.


In order to use the Call-Home-Service, the following requirements must be met:

  • Operation of one of the following network monitoring systems with network access to the server to be monitored:
  • Operation of one or more Thomas Krenn servers that you want to monitor. The Call-Home-Service must be purchased for the monitored server during your order. For previously purchased servers the Call-Home-Service can be purchased as a service upgrade.

Supported Call-Home Monitoring

Rack Servers and Tower Servers

Depending on which operating system the monitored server is running, we offer monitoring of the following components:

Monitoring of Monitored servers running Windows Monitored servers running Linux Monitored servers running VMware
Redundant Power Supplies (*) yes (per IPMI)[1] yes (via IPMI) yes (via IPMI or CIM)
Cooling Fans (*) yes (via IPMI) yes (via IPMI) yes (via IPMI or CIM)
Power Suppy of the Motherboards yes (via IPMI) yes (via IPMI) yes (via IPMI or CIM)
CPU Temperature yes (via IPMI) yes (via IPMI) yes (via IPMI oder CIM)
Adaptec RAID Controller (incl. attached HDDs/SSDs) yes (via NSClient++)[2] yes (via NRPE)[3] (Entwicklung geplant)
LSI RAID Controller (incl. attached HDDs/SSDs) (development planned, via NSClient++) yes (via NRPE)[4] yes (via CIM)
3ware RAID Controller (incl. attached HDDs/SSDs) N/A (development planned) N/A
Linux Software RAID (incl. attached HDDs/SSDs) N/A yes (via NRPE)[5] N/A

(*) Not possible with multinode systems like 2U Intel Dual-CPU RI8224M Server or 3U Intel Single-CPU RI8316M Server

Low Energy Server

Monitoring from Monitored servers running Linux
CPU Temperature yes (via NRPE or lokal)[6]

Configuration Call-Home Auth-Key

In order to use the Call-Home-Service, you need to enter your Call-Home Auth-Key in TKmon or in your Icinga or Nagios System.

Your Auth-Key can be found under "My account" at Thomas-Krenn:


Auth-Key with TKmon

The contact information, incl. the Auth-Key are located in the Call-Home Tab of the Web interface. The last two images in the gallery, show how the tab "Test" checks the Auth-Key Setup. When running the test a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that has been pre-configured.

Auth-Key without TKmon

On how the Call-Home-Server is integrated into an existing Icinga / Nagios without TKmon, please refer to the following article: Using Call-Home-Service with Icinga or Nagios In this case, the definition of contact data as well as the Auth-Key are adapted from Templates.



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Author: Werner Fischer

Werner Fischer, working in the Web Operations & Knowledge Transfer team at Thomas-Krenn, completed his studies of Computer and Media Security at FH Hagenberg in Austria. He is a regular speaker at many conferences like LinuxTag, OSMC, OSDC, LinuxCon, and author for various IT magazines. In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano and training for a good result at the annual Linz marathon relay.

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