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The CEP CT63 Terminal USB Powered modem is a GSM USB modem, which can be used as a reliable SMS alarm device for monitoring systems as TKmon, Icinga or Nagios.
CEP CT63 USB powered Modem (Image source: shop.netways.de)
To operate it relates sufficient power via USB - so it does not require a separate power supply. The CEP CT63 is automatically recognized by many Linux distributions and does not require manual driver installation.

Technical Data

CEP CT63 Terminal USB Powered
Category 2G Modem
  • Mini-USB
  • RS232
Temperature range -40°C – +80°C
Dimensions 77x66x26mm
Weight 80g

Driver Installation

The CEP CT63 is controlled via the cdc-acm driver[1] of the Linux kernel. A manual driver installation is not necessary.

When a CEP CT63 modem is connected, the driver provides the device file /dev/ttyACM0. To send SMS messages via the SMS Server Tools, provide this device file in the SMS Server Tools configuration file.

Further information


  1. cdc-acm.c (git.kernel.org)

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