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This article describes how the Logjam Attack can be prevented with the reverse-proxy Pound. The following instructions assume that you are using the specially patched Pound version 2.6-pcidss from Joe Gooch.[1] More information about the Logjam Attack can be found at the OpenSSL Blog and weakdh.org.[2][3]

Diffie-Hellman group

First we are generating a DH group file with OpenSSL.

openssl dhparam -out /etc/pound/dhparams.pem 2048

Enabling DHparams in Pound

The global directive "DHParams" has been added to Pound 2.6-pcidss with the following commit.[4]

Since this is a global directive, please specify it at the top level of the Pound configuration (not inside ListenHTTPS).

DHParams "/etc/pound/dhparams.pem"

Restart Pound afterwards.

We recommend that you check your website before and after the restart with Qualys SSL Labs Check:


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