Adaptec Series 1 HBAs

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In this article you will find information about the Adaptec Serie 1 Host Bus Adapter.

General Information


HBA Ports
PCIe Lanes Max. Quantity
HDDs by using
SAS Expanders
Adaptec ASC-1405 4 - 4 128
Adaptec ASC-1045 - 4 4 128

Version Information

Build 5010 (08 Jan 2010)

  • Release Notes Build 5010 (from zip file), excerpt from Enhancements and Bug Fixes:
    • Quick Boot option added to the CTRL-A BIOS, that when enabled will reduce the standard 10 second per device discovery to 4 seconds by default. Further configurations can be defined by setting a value between 1 and 10 seconds. Only devices displayed within this defined time frame will be displayed.

Build 4012 (20 Mar 2009)

  • Release Notes Build 4012 (from zip file), excerpt from Enhancements and Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved multiple issues with AFU Verification and Display functions.
      • AFU Verification function changes:
        • The message displayed during the reading of the flash content was changed to a single line.
        • When the content of the flash is different then the file, it will display the check sum for the image in flash and the file for comparison.
        • The full flash build number is now displayed properly when a verification is completed.
        • Increased response time of the verification function.
      • AFU Display function changes:
        • The full flash build number is now displayed properly.
        • Increased response time of the display function.
    • Resolved an issue with being unable to boot SLES 10 SP2 OS from attached SAS drives when a SATA CD was attached to the same controller and set as the primary boot device with media inserted.
    • Resolved an issue preventing Windows installation from seeing devices installed in an Enhance Technology RS8SS enclosure. During a Windows installation, after the driver was loaded (by pressing F6) Windows would respond with: "Setup either detected multiple disks in your machine that are indistinguishable or detected raw disks. Setup has corrected the problem, but a reboot is required. Setup cannot continue". Rebooting system would bring cause the same error. This error has been corrected and no reboot is required.
    • Resolved an issue where the BIOS would stop responding and displayed "Adaptec HBA Reset Failure. Please reboot" error when no LUNs were assigned.

Author: Thomas Niedermeier

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