3ware Controller 3DM2 Password

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3ware controllers managed by 3DM2 have a default password. This password should be changed for reasons of security.

Default Password

The default password for logging in to the 3DM2 web interface of a 3ware controller is "3ware" for both the Administrator and User accounts.

Affected Hardware

RAID controllers from 3ware that can be managed by 3DM2.

Changing the Password

  • Go to 3DM2 Settings on the 3DM menu
  • On the 3DM2 Settings page next to Password, choose whether the Administrator or User password should be changed.
  • Enter the current password into the Current Password entry. If you are entering the password for the first time, the default password is 3ware.
  • Enter the new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password entries, so that it will be confirmed.
  • Click Change Password to save the changes.

Source: 3ware.com

Resetting the Password

Uninstalling and reinstalling 3DM2 will suffice to reset the password for the web interface. The password will be reset to "3ware".