2U Intel Single-CPU SC825 Server

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This article will show you details about the Thomas Krenn 2U Intel Single-CPU SC825 Server.

Further details on BIOS versions and other Wiki articles can be found at the linked Wiki article of the motherboard.

Server Details

Version 3.*

Version 2.0


  • Can the same battery be used for every Motherboard? Yes, all systems use a CR2032 battery.
  • Why is no Red Hat or Suse software available for this server / pc? Thomas Krenn servers / pcs are not officially certified by Red Hat or Suse certification programs. There would be no support by Red Hat or Suse in case of issues with the operating system.
  • What is the recommended ambient temperature and air humidity for this system? The recommended ambient temperature is between 20-22 degrees celsius, the max. air humidity 40%.
  • Is it possible to mount a LSI 9260-X or LSI 9240-X RAID controller in a 2U chassis? No, the ports to connect the HDDs are at the upper side of these controllers. The remaining space between the controller and server cover is too small to connect a cable.
  • Is it possible to use 8GB memory models for single-CPU "Nehalem" systems (X8SIL)? No, in our tests we got no video signal after installing such modules, and the motherboard has sent beep codes of memory failures.
  • Is it possible to use a 3Ware 9690 RAID controller in a server system with a X9SCM-F motherboard? No, in our tests such a system ran very slow, and the RAID controller reported "Drive Timeouts".
  • Is it possible to install a Desktop Operating System on a Thomas Krenn Server? Desktop Operating Systems get not tested, as we do not support running them on Thomas Krenn servers. A proper operating is not guaranteed. An installation of a Desktop Operating System on a Thomas Krenn is at one's own risk and not supported by Thomas Krenn.
  • Is it possible to use the dedicated IPMI NIC as a normal NIC visible to the operating system? No, this dedicated NIC port can only be used for remote management purposes.

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