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1U AMD Dual-CPU SC815R Server (Ver. 2.2) (B-Ware)

Folgende Teile sind im Server enthalten:

1HE Supermicro Chassis SC815TQ-R650CB
Supermicro Mainboard H8DG6-F
1x AMD Opteron 8-Core 6320 2,8 GHz
8 GB ECC Registered DDR3 1600 RAM 1 Rank ATP (4x 2048 MB)
4x 2 TB SATA III WD Raid Edition 3,5" 7.2k 
LSI 2008 8x SASII/SATA SW-Raid on Board (0,1,10)
2x USB 3.0 Karte PCI-E x1 (1x intern / 1x extern)
Riserkarte 1x PCI-E (x16)
Full Remote Management (KVM over LAN, IPMI 2.0) inkl. Managementsoftware, DHCP Konfiguration
Slim DVD-Brenner Dual Layer (+/- RW) Sata
2x 650 Watt redundantes Hot Swap Netzteil
Ausziehbare Montageschienen (Ausziehbare Montageschienen (6015/1021/SC113))
Rackschraubensatz (beinhaltet 10 x Schrauben, 10 x Mutter)

Zustand: Zubehör fehlt


1,899.00 €
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2HE Intel Dual-CPU RI2212+ Server (V1.0) (B-Ware)

Delivery Contents:

Safety Transport & Return Package (XL) for 3.5" HDDs
Intel barebone server R2312
2x Intel Xeon 4-Core E5-2609 2.40GHz 10MB 6.40GT/s
64 GB ECC Registered DDR3 1600 RAM 2 Rank ATP (8x 8192 MB)
Thomas Krenn Test Installation
Intel i350 Quad Port on board LAN
2x 750 watt redundant Hot Swap power supply (80plus Platinum)

Condition: lightly scratched on the top and bottom

2,899.00 €
Immediate shipping! Express delivery is available!