PCs & Thin Clients

PCs and Thin Clients at Thomas-Krenn


Alongside of high-performance server systems, you can also find PCs and thin clients at Thomas-Krenn. This includes our business PCs, which are designed for permanent use in the office environment. Standardized and platform-stable, they have many advantages compared to ordinary consumer PCs. Business PCs are powerful personal computers that are purpose built to handle eight hour days and more without breaking a sweat. With their energy-efficient design, these PCs save energy and reduce costs.
Thin clients are computers that are dependent on the help of other computers. Cheap and with lower administrative costs, they are particularly well suited as employee devices. All business PCs and thin clients from Thomas-Krenn can be found in this section.


Server Accessories

Order high-quality Server Racks that are tailored to your requirements and delivered to your front door.

To monitor your server, we offer TFT Drawers at an unbeatable price.

Find licenses for Microsoft and SAP under Software. These also belong to the server accessories.

Information for emergency server repair, upgrade and replacement parts are available under Parts / Upgrade Service.

You can also find high-quality and fully functional components under Reduced Items . These are either single pieces or components with minor imperfections.