Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is all the rage

The trend towards virtualization is gaining more and more importance for companies. By modern virtualization technology the usual architecture of an IT landscape is changing significantly as well as the way to use existing servers and PCs. Where previously dedicated servers were frequently parked for a task, these tasks can now be run in virtual machines on fewer physical servers. Typical virtualization functions lighten server administration enormously. The operating system can run completely separate from the hardware. Thus, new software can be used quickly throughout the company.


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Your customized virtualization solution

In our shop we offer a wide range of software licenses for server and desktop virtualization and backup software for virtualized environments. Our competent virtualization specialists are ready in advance for any inquires. Besides getting info about the correct license, you also get answers on the appropriate server or storage hardware. Even after your purchase, we are happy to be by your side with our technical expertise.

Certified Virtualization Bundles

Many bundle configurators in our field of virtualization make shopping in the Thomas Krenn online-shop even easier. Because each product is tested at our on-site laboratory before it's available in the shop, you can always ensure that our products will deliver what we promise!