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Secure your IT system with a UPS from Thomas Krenn
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Uninterruptible power supplies effectively protect servers against power supply interruptions!

A power failure has considerable consequences for a company: software and hardware damage, server failure and associated data loss are just some of the possible consequences. A UPS protects your IT system effectively. These so-called uninterruptible power supplies are connected between the power grid and the consumer. They are employed when the power supply can not be guaranteed during power disturbances in the network.

At Thomas Krenn you can always find the right UPS system to protect against the effects of power disturbances. We offer a wide range of applications and a high level of safety features for our systems. Whether it's for a home office, business IT or for larger industries with output from 450 to 20000 VA, the UPS systems adapts to your requirements.

Two technical standards make for particularly safe equipment. The line-interactive standard works as an emergency generator and engages on when the power supply fails. The online double-conversion standard provides the consumer with sinusoidal current regardless of received stream quality.

Protect your IT system from the effects of a power outage with a UPS system by Thomas Krenn. Our web-based UPS selector can determine with little information which system is right for you. You can then view the performance data and easily order the UPS system in our online store.


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Online USV Zinto Series
Line-Interactive UPS up to 1340W/2000VA (depending on selection) (actual/rated power)
starting at 209 
Online Xanto-USV SR Series
Online-double conversion UPS, up to 9000W/10000VA (depending on selection) (active power/rated power)
instead of 699 
starting at 599