Super Silent

Cost-efficient and with only 30db(A)/35db(A) extremely quiet!

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Silent server for a noiseless environment


Looking for a server for office usage that will meet your individual needs and not cause you any problems? Silent servers are ideally suited for use in the office due to their low noise, because they provide less than 30db (A) / 35dB (A) for an uninterrupted workflow. Silent servers provide an optimal solution, especially small businesses with limited server space.

Silent server configuration

Thomas Krenn offers you the opportunity to customize the Silent server to meet your individual needs. Therefore, your server isn't mass produced, but tailored to your specifications.


Tower server Intel Single-CPU TI104
Až do: 1x Intel Xeon E3-1200(v3) (4 Cores), 32GB RAM, 4x HDD(s), 4x FP dodatečné karty
Poměr ceny/výkonu
od 419,00 
Tower server Intel Single-CPU TI104+
Až do: 1x Intel Xeon E3-1200(v3) (4 Cores), 32GB RAM, 4x HDD(s), 3x FP dodatečné karty
"Haswell" technologie, 4x Hotswap-HDDs, přestavba do racku 19", Streamer interně
místo 699,00 
od 599,00 
Tower server Intel Single-CPU TI108
Up to: 1x Intel Xeon E3-1200(v3) (4 Cores), 32GB RAM, 8x 3.5" / 16x 2.5" Hot Swap HDDs, 4x FP/ FL additional card(s), red. zdroj (volitelně)
"Haswell" technologie, 8x Hotswap-HDDs, přestavba na rack 19", Streamer interně
od 699,00 
Tower server Intel Single-CPU TI204L LowNoise
Až do: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2400(v2) (10 Cores), 128GB RAM, 4x HDD(s), 5x FP dodatečné karty
4x Hotswap-HDDs, přestavba na 19", redundantní napájení, Streamer interně
od 1.149,00 
Tower server Intel Dual-CPU SR108 LowNoise
Up to: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2600 (v2) (4-12 Core), 512GB RAM, 8x 3.5" / 16x 2.5" Hot Swap HDDs, 6x FP// FL additional card(s), red. zdroj (volitelně)
2x CPU Standalone server
od 1.419,00 


Silent Server: Applications

Silent servers are used as departmental and workgroup servers for the central management of project files, the central organization of data backup, and much more. High-level professional applications in CAD, rendering, financial mathematics, simulation, logistics, medicine and finite require high graphic processing unit (GPU) performance. THEREFORE, Thomas-Krenn Server Silent find applications in computationally intensive processes (eg Flight Gear, the open source flight simulator).


Check out the "Acoustic test report" from SR105 Server Tower here >> Report_Noise_SR105.pdf [637 KB]


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