Rack servery
U nás najdete pro každý požadavek ten správný server. jedno, jestli Entry-, Midrange- nebo High-End servery, zde naleznete určitě to správné. Speciálně pro Vaši potřebu konfigurovatelné, obsáhle testované,výhradně osazené serverovými komponenty a k dodání během 24 hodin.

Unsere Topseller

Sie sind auf der Suche nach einem richtig guten Server? Unsere Topseller sind die Server, die bei unseren Kunden am beliebtesten sind.

2U Intel Dual-CPU SC825 server
2U Intel Dual-CPU SC825 server
od 1.155,24 £
1U Intel Single-CPU RI1102H server
1U Intel Single-CPU RI1102H server
místo 363,44 £
od 300,09 £
1U Intel Single-CPU RI1104H server
1U Intel Single-CPU RI1104H server
od 534,47 £
2U Intel Single-CPU RI1208 server
2U Intel Single-CPU RI1208 server
od 724,50 £
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A guide for the appropriate server selection

The search for the right server is not easy. Instead of listening to just your gut feeling, it is worth observing a few complex criteria. Depending on the application, many different components must be carefully considered.
With this guide, we hope to help you find the right server.

What do I need to clarify beforehand?

Where are the servers located?
What are the technical requirements?
Are certifications required?

These are the questions you must ask yourself if you want to purchase a server. If you should need additional information,
our service technicians are happy to assist you further.

An overview of all server systems

Servers are as varied as their uses. Therefore, we have divided all products in our shop into categories. For each server you have an online configurator available, which allows you to put together the various components individually.

TK Special Server

We are constantly on the lookout for individual server solutions for our customers. Our Silent Server for example, is ideal for use in the office. The Low Energy Server, developed in-house by Thomas Krenn, is particularly energy efficient.